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All was most helpful. I wish this was available when we cared for a family member before. You provided us with a business card holder to keep all the cards of people coming to the home (MUCH NEEDED) in one place

Thank you

Kristine B and Shirley F

The info we received was so helpful! If it wasn't for Victoria we'd be so lost & confused. She's been so supportive & helped make this transition easier & less stressful. This program is very beneficial to new families in the Kinship placement program. We truly appreciate all the info, help & support.

Thanks so much!!!

Julissa and Anthony

Victoria was very informative & supportive from our first phone call. The meetings were around my schedule & built off of one another. She provided me with community resources that I did not know about. Even after our last visit, she agreed to attend court with me at the last minute. She contacted the DCS CW (Case Worker) to follow up on our monthly meetings.



As a single grandfather raising my grandson, this program helped me. My Mentors, Elmer and Victoria, help to fine resources that I really needed to make rent and utilities payments, and got help with my grandson's IEP at school.

Thanks so much


I was in the dark as to what was going on. My Mentor, Janice came in and talked to me about all the things that was going to happen and that made me feel so much better. Since I am not with the state system she talked to me about how to get forms to get rights and documents for the children. She even brought food and clothes for the children, well needed.

Great service


My Mentor. Diane, gave great information.  My niece and nephew were placed with me and I didn't know where to start. By the time the Case Manager return to my home I was so informed. I hope everyone starting out in Kinship gets help from KinshipHelp55. 

So grateful!!


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