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KinshipHelp55 is a program that helps Kinship Families get started with services and resources within two days of placement.

Across Arizona families are stepping up to care for other family members child(ren). Sometimes it’s the Department of Child Safety (DCS) and sometimes it’s a family member that knows there is an issue and rescue the child(ren) from the Bio Parents before the state gets involve. In either case the child(ren) are scared and unsure about what will happen next. The family member is in the dark as to how they will manage with the child(ren) in the home. Their immediate situation is beds, clothing, food and medical. So many of these families are grandparents that are on a limited or fixed income. Some are aunt/uncle, cousin or even adult siblings. A lot of these families are living paycheck to paycheck to support their immediate family. These families just can’t say no and allow the child(ren) to remain in the situation that may cause abuse, neglect or worse.

Families have reported that they have tap into their Saving Account (nest egg) some have run up their credit cards and some have even taken out High Interest Payday or Title Loans. These funds are never recouped, and the family finds themselves in debt.

KinshipHelp55 will meet face to face, with the family in their home within the first two days to provide support to the family and child(ren). Getting the family connected with available services. Our Peer-to Peer Volunteer will make phone calls for the bedding and clothing. We will help answer question on what is next. We will go over the current needs of the entire family and get resources that are available to make the family successful.

The family has stepped up to provide a stable, supportive, safe, comfortable home as the Bio Parents stabilize their situation. This family deserve as much support as we can provide.



A Kinship Placement should not be a Financial Hardship

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